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Increase your mobility with stretch, self myofascial release and various other techniques geared toward helping you maintain your physical health and ultimately increase your quality of life. Below is a library of resources that you can utilize without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If you have any difficulty viewing our resources please give us a call today at 7273983999.

Stretch & Self Myofascial Release Techniques


How to Stretch the Hamstrings
How to Stretch Quads
How to Stretch the Outer Thigh
How to Stretch the Inner Thigh
Stretches for a Tight Psoas
Seated Piriformis Stretch with Sarah Luna
How to Do Calf Stretches
How to Stretch the Ankles

How to Stretch the Lower Back Stretches
Quadratus Lumbar Muscle Stretches

How to Use a Lat Stretch to Relax Tense Back Muscles
Stretching Exercises for the Pectoralis
Activities That Require Wrist Flexion & Extension
Geriatric Neck Stretching
Neck & Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Self Myofascial Release

Relieve Chronic Neck Pain, Headaches and Shoulder Pain
Relieve Chronic Shoulder Pain
Self Treatment For Neck And Shoulder Pain
How To Relieve Hip, Lower Back and Buttock Pain
Self Treatment For Lower Back Pain
How To Restore Tight Hamstrings
How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain
Self Treatment For Hip and Groin Pain
Self Treatment For Knee Pain

Ice V.S. Heat

When speaking about Ice V.S. Heat we like to use the analogy that Ice V.S. Heat is much like a warm-up before a work out. Before a workout you want to warm up the body to reduce you risk of injury. By warming the body it increases blood flow to the muscles. The “warm” in this example is equivalent to “heat”. When you apply heat to your body, it increases blood flow to that area. Where as ice has the complete opposite effect and slows the blood flow.

During an acute onset and/or exacerbatory period, when pain and inflammation are of concern, ice should be applied to the area. This will cause the body to slow the blood flow the inflamed portion, thus reducing inflammation and pain.

After you progress from the acute phase of care, Dr. Butch might recommend contrast therapy. Contrast Therapy allows you to utilize both heat and ice in your recovery process. Rule of thumb: Always apply the heat first then ice directly afterwards.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a great way to maintain peak physical health. Click on our links below to get valuable information about this technique.




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